10 Bizarre Creatures That People Once Believed To Be Real

With the passing of time and over hundreds of centuries ago, scientists, ordinary people and even people with wild imagination have suggested that a number of strange, incredible creatures lurk in this world, which were often believed by others to be genuinely real. While some of these creatures were eventually found out to be hoaxes, others on the other hand were likely to be actual explanations of living creatures.

10. The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

10-vegetable-lamb bizarre creatures

Photo credit: Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch

This mythical creature was once a favorite subject among people who lived during the Middle Ages. The so-called vegetable lamb was believed to be part animal and part plant. What’s interesting about this creature is that there are actually two versions of how it came into existence. One story tells us that when the fruit of a tree would burst open when it is ripe, a perfect imitation of a little lamb within it is seen emerging from it. The second one was an actual living lamb stuck onto a short stem by its navel.

It was also said that the stem was flexible so that the vegetable lamb can freely move around to bend down and eat the grass around it. However when there was no grass left for the lamb to eat, the stem will wither and the poor vegetable lamb will die out of hunger.

It was also believed that this mythical creature came from a region in Central Europe and Asia which was known at that time as Tartary.