10 Bizarre Creatures That People Once Believed To Be Real

9. Tasmanian Mock Walrus



People have been fooled into believing that a Tasmanian Mock Walrus existed back on April Fool’s Day of 1984 when the Orlando Sentinel made such an announcement. This little creature was supposedly tasked to eat and feast on hundreds of cockroaches thus making them ideal to take home as pets.

Well what’s more compelling about this story was that the newspaper itself featured photos of a naked mole rat posing as the mock walrus which was said to be about 10 centimeters (4 inches) long and had a temperament comparable to that of a hamster. On the same day, the newspaper also featured several photos of picketers objecting against the act of the government, which had supposedly banned the breeding of the said creature.

The story was of course clearly a hoax as it was intended to delude people on April Fool’s Day. They should have gotten the clue from the name itself “mock walrus” but a number of them failed to get the memo. For a few days after the said publication, a number of calls and letters were received by Orlando Sentinel as people were curious enough on how to acquire such strange creature.