10 Child Celebrities Who Are Now Broke

famous child celebrities now broke without money - 1-Amanda-Bynes--Lindsay-Lohan


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had millions of dollars and you could spend it on anything? Imagine being rich and famous, and wherever you go, everyone knows who you are. It may sound great for a while, but eventually, you will have bought everything that you want, and you won’t have anything else to spend your money on.

Sooner or later, you’d probably get bored and turn to drugs, alcohol, or even start doing illegal activities just because you’re bored. There are several people in Hollywood who did just that. They had everything that they wanted, and lost it all. Some of them have some money left, but it’s nothing compared to what they had in the past.

There are some times that an actor or an actress plays a character for so long, that people expect them to play that part only. Because of this, it can be difficult for them to get any type of different roles. This is called being “type cast”, and it happens very often in Hollywood. Often times, these people were child actors, and all anyone can remember is them being “that kid” on “that show.” It can be even more difficult for these children if their parents aren’t in acting, and have no advice to give their children before they spiral out of control.

It’s easy for regular people to judge these people and to think that they just shouldn’t do drugs or alcohol. You may believe that you can have that much money and be smart enough not to spend money on frivolous things. It may sound easy for you. Imagine that you are a teenager with millions of dollars Do you think that you would save your money and be responsible, or would you squander your fortune like many of these celebrities have done. It’s hard to be sure if you have never walked in their shoes.

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