10 Child Celebrities Who Are Now Broke

Edward Furlong

famous child celebrities now broke without money - Edward-Furlong


Edward Furlong was the kid from Terminator 2. While playing the art of John Connor in 1991, he was only 12 years old. According to several sources, he was not like the independent character that he played in the movie. At age 15, he petitioned the courts to become emancipated from the care of his aunt and uncle who had been raising him, and he won.

The courts believed that he could take care of himself at the time, and believed that he had enough money to support himself and that he would make a lot more. He was in a few more movies, but none of them were as popular as the Terminator series. While out on his own, he moved in with his 29 year old manager. According to his former girlfriend, he developed a drug addiction and stopped paying his manager. Eventually, he was sued by his manager and lost everything that he had.