10 Star Wars Technologies That Are Possible In Real Life

cool star wars technology

Whether or not you’re a fan of the franchise that’s driven people crazy since the 70’s, there is no way you can’t be wowed by some of the modern inventions that actually exist right now. They were once thought of as things of science fiction, of advanced alien technology but now they are sitting on our front doorsteps, with some even being used by the military right now.

Maybe you want your own R2-D2 robot, some amazingly awesome gadgets or you just want to see some kick-a** tech come to fruition for the sake of being entertained. We aren’t on the verge of making real lightsabers or using the force to manipulate the laws of physics but trust me, this list is still pretty amazing. No one would have guessed that humans could have achieved this kind of tech when the first Star Wars film was released.