11 Celebrity Drug Confessions That Will Shock You

Drug Confessions by Famous Celebrities - taylor-swift

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Where drugs are concerned, you may think you know something about celebrities, but believe me you have no idea.

The very idea that they are Hollywood socialites is no proof that they have ever been involved with hard drugs or other such things. Conversely, even the ones you might never have thought would become involved with drugs can let you down. The past of some of these individuals can certainly frighten the best of us. That’s not just because of their phenomenal reputation, but it involves stories concerning the way they have experimented with drugs. You would be shocked!

There is something else about their confessions that will shock you as well, and that is their age. A number of the stars are still quite young, and that should cause you to ask how they could possibly have had such experiences when they are just now starting their lives. There is also the fact that they are in the news and on social media so much, and you hear so much about them that you feel you know them. It is natural for you to wonder when they would ever find the time for drugs. Did we miss something?

Truthfully, the involvement of some celebrities with drugs probably would not shock anyone, but that doesn’t mean we are not entertained by their stories.

Here is a list of some of the drug confessions of celebrities that will likely cause your jaw to drop.