18 Unbelievable Parenting Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Oh the joys of parenthood! Bringing a new life and raising your child to become a responsible adult is such a privilege. Beautiful, cute and innocent children are put into our care (like we ever have a choice) and suddenly they turn our lives around. Most parents know that the struggle is real and the ones who find it easy as a pie are probably doing it wrong. We’ve gathered 18 mind-boggling parenting fails from the darkest channels of the world wide web for you to feel better about yourselves. They may not yet hold the record for having the worst parenting skills, but they’re pretty close to earning it.

He Fought the Law and the Law Won

parenting fails

Children can be such a pain in the ass especially when you go shopping with them. To avoid them getting lost, why not handcuff them to your shopping cart? Though it is a smart solution it kinda appears too cruel for a child though. Think of other better solutions, perhaps?