20 Shocking Images Proving Ghosts Are Real

There’s always the question in the back of everyone’s mind “are ghosts are real?” With all the information available to the public today, it is almost possible to prove ghosts are real with 100% certainty. The images that follow may terrify some and mystify others. Either way, these are photos you can’t miss! #12 will leave you speechless.

20. The Basement is Haunted



The family had just purchased this home and found a little surprise in the basement. The picture was shot at 3am. Apparently, the best time to catch a ghost is at night. It was reported that a 2-yr-old in the family was heard talking to someone or something in the basement.

While the child was by himself in the basement, he was quoted as saying “No! It’s mine!.” Although, that is creepy, it doesn’t prove anything since children tend to have imaginary friends. The real proof is in the pudding just take a good look at the photo.

The next one I can see a comedy movie being made about it.