22 EPIC Cheerleader Fails That Are Too Good!

Oh the life of a cheerleader! They are usually looked up with admiration by many since they are at the elite top of the high school hierarchy. They usually run the school with their wits and sexy cheerleading moves, date the hottest jocks around, and bag the covetable Prom Queen title. Whether you deny it or not, this is the real thing and don’t ever get jealous of them for they are also humans, failing at some point during their cheerleading career. To make yourself feel better, here are some of the best cheerleading fails that will give you the time of your life:

The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine

Epic Cheerleader Fails
Err, what’s up with the looks of horror painted all over the faces of these two cheerleaders as they hold up their friends? Did these two cheerleaders on top failed to go to the salon for that much needed bikini wax or did they forget to wear undies? Ugghh, we don’t want to know!