Crazy Billionaires…You Wont Believe What Number 10 Gets Away With

Silvio Berlusconi


When you’re a billionaire you can do whatever you like: see the world, start a business, spend your weekend watching movies… anything is possible!
Silvio was the prime minister of Italy on four separate occasions, and he used is seat of wealth and power to experience all the things he wanted in life while front running media productions that kept him rolling in the green. At the height of his wealth Silvio was worth an estimated 7.7 billion dollars so it seemed like nothing was going to slow him down.

To the surprise of no one reading it this it turns out the there are some things money can’t buy, at least not without consequences, and that’s a lesson that our friend Silvio had to learn firsthand. After purchasing an underage prostitute he isn’t going to be enjoying his wealth for very much longer; he tried to cover up the affair and abused his political powers to do it, but the truth leaked out and the billionaire faces some consequences: 7 years in prison, a permanent ban from political office, and a now unforgettable reputation as a pretty weird dude.