Josh Miramant decided to take extreme base jumping to a whole new level. Who needs straps when you can attach the parachute directly to your back? Check out the video.

Suspension-Base-Jump (1)

That’s Gotta Hurt: Josh says “I’d never had any other piercings before and it was by far the most painful part of the whole experience”

Suspension-Base-Jump (2)

Extreme Measures: “It takes about 20 minutes to get all four done and despite the appearance of this, I am not a masochist”

Suspension-Base-Jump (3)

It’s About the Rush


Leap of Faith: Josh BASE jumped off a 377ft cliff


Hooked: The parachute was attached to Josh’s flesh with metal hook

Suspension-Base-Jump (5)

Bloodied & Scarred – According to Josh the Fun Outweighed the Pain

After it was over Josh recounted: “I was shocked that when the canopy opened, it was not very painful at all. It’s amazing how powerful adrenaline is – as the canopy made a loud snap above me, it triggered one of the strongest adrenaline kicks I’ve ever had.”