The 10 Most Bizarre Yet Breathtaking Homes Ever Constructed

Most homes these days are all pumped out cookie-cutter style. Prefabricated and thrown onto a plot of land in a planned development. Yes, this is efficient for people that like to line their pockets with money, but what about the virtuosos in the world? The breed of people that live outside the norm. They need homes too right? This is how design genius is born. Now feast your eyes on these incredibly bizarre homes.

10. Upside Down Home

The Upside-Down House tourism destinations

Someone had to have done this idea eventually, but it is obviously no easy feat to accomplish. The architect here did a masterful job at flipping the script on this one. The only takeaways are the stone ceiling/roof looks a little tacky and so does the wood finish. The home was purposely built on a slope to give the effect that the house had toppled over and began to roll down the hill. Yeahhh this one must have been from the electric-kool-aid period.

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