The 20 Hottest Celebs With Junk In the Trunk

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It may seem a bit rude and crass, but men have had an obsession with women’s rear ends since the beginning of time. Sure, they love the breast, legs, and the face, but it’s their booty that brings them attention from men. Women’s rear ends have been a huge attraction in the music industry and in Hollywood for quite a while, however, over the past few years, the woman’s rear end has become especially important. Many musicians, actresses, reality stars, and athletes have very notable rear ends, and the average woman is noticing.

Some women have bigger and more impressive booties than others. Some are hotter and more beautiful than others, and some just get attention for their booty. For example, Coco has one of the biggest rear ends around, however, the rest of her is not as great, and lately, she isn’t really considered much of a celebrity. There are some women, however, who are the entire package, beautiful, successful, famous, and they have the best, most standout booties in Hollywood.