Top 10 Richest WWE Stars in 2016 May Surprise You

The WWE is one of the most entertaining sport shows in the world currently with several superstars boasting of their riches. We all have our own favorites on the ring with most people loving Cena for his never giving up attitude. These superstars earn millions making them millionaires off the ring. Here is a list of the top ten richest WWE superstars in 2016.

#10 Shawn Michaels Net Worth $17 Million

WWE Richest Superstars - Wrestlers 2016 shawn michaels

He makes the top ten list despite retiring as a wrestler from WWE. His last match was against The Undertaker when he lost and quit wrestling. Widely known as Mr. WrestleMania or The Heart Break Kid, he still works with the WWE. He won several matches during his wrestling career. He won the royal rumble twice taking his name to the WWE wall of fame in the year 2011. His once formed the most dangerous tag team the D-generation X although most people can remember his as a betrayal.